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College Committees

2016-17 College of Communications Committee Appointments 

Executive Committee: Marie Hardin, Jane Agnelly, Bob Baukus, Russ Eshleman, Matt Jackson, Shannon Kennan, Bob Martin, Matt McAllister, Karen Mozley-Bryan, Kevin Musick, Anthony Olorunnisola, Jamey Perry, Ford Risley, Steve Sampsell, Joe Selden, Maura Shea, Chad Simpson.

Dean's Advisory Committee: John Affleck, George Anghelcev, Rod Bingaman, Marcia DiStaso, Rob Frieden, Anne Hoag, Matt Jordan, Mary Beth Oliver, Bu Zhong

P & T -- Departments Committee: Lee Ahern, Denise Bortree, Matt Jordan, Matt McAllister, Mary Beth Oliver (Alternate: Bu Zhong)

P & T -- College Committee: Colleen Connolly-Ahern, Russell Frank, Rob Frieden, Patrick Parsons, Bob Richards (Alternate: Michael Schmierbach)

Curriculum and Liaison Committee: Colleen Connolly-Ahern (chair, ad/pr), Richie Sherman (film-video), John Affleck (journalism), Michael Schmierbach (media studies), David Norloff (telecommunications)

Academic Integrity: Ford Risley (administrator), Denise Bortree (chair, ad/pr, ends 2018), Maura Shea (film-video, ends, 2018), Russ Eshleman (journalism, ends, 2018), Kevin Hagopian (media studies, ends, 2018), Yael Warshel (telecommunications, ends, 2018), Azeta Hatef (GSIC appointee), Katie McFadden (Student Council delegate)

Assessment Advisory Committee: Frank Dardis (advertising), Rod Bingaman (film-video), Russ Eshleman (journalism), Michael Elavsky (media studies), Marcia DiStaso (public relations), Ben Cramer (telecommunications) 

Sabbatical Committee: Patrick Parsons (chair), Lee Ahern, Bob Baukus, Marcia DiStaso

Faculty Meeting Chair: Frank Dardis (2016-18)

Ombudsman: Marcia DiStaso (2014-2017), Michel Haigh (alternate)

Exit Interview Officer: Marcia DiStaso (2014-2017)

Graduate Committee: Matt McAllister (chair), Lee Ahern (ad/pr), Mary Beth Oliver (film-video and media studies), Bu Zhong (journalism), Patrick Parsons (telecommunications), Michelle Rodino-Colocino (graduate council, ex-officio)

Student Scholarships: Janet Klinefelter (chair), Joe Selden, Jamey Perry, Bill Mahon (ad/pr), Pearl Gluck (film-video), Will Yurman (journalism), Sascha Meinrath (telecommunications)

Diversity Advisory Committee: Marie Hardin (co-chair), Joe Selden (co-chair), Robin Bierly, Yu-tai Chung, Jo Dumas, Matt Jackson, Shannon Kennan, Karen Mozley-Bryan, John Sanchez, Chad Simpson, Ken Yednock, Erica Hilton (graduate student), Alana Richardson (undergraduate student)

Equipment Committee: Karen Mozley-Bryan (chair), John Beale, Maria Cabrera Baukus, Marty Camden, Yu-tai Chung, Jim Dugan, Matt Jackson, Ann Kuskowski, Chris Maurer, Steve Reighard, Richie Sherman, Brian Shoenfelt, Zachary Shourds, Mike Zelazny

United Way: Steve Sampsell (chair), Frank Dardis, Janet Klinefelter, Sherry Kyler, Trey Miller

University Committees

Graduate Council: Michelle Rodino-Colocino (ends 2018), Russell Frank (alternate, ends 2018), Lee Ahern (Committee on Fellowships and Awards), Marcia DiStaso (Subcommittee on New and Revised Programs and Courses)
University Faculty Senate: Michel Haigh (ends 2017), Colleen Connolly-Ahern (ends 2018), Marcia DiStaso (ends 2018), Matt Jordan (alternate)

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