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  • The Student Health Insurance Task Force webpage is now active. It includes a variety of information including the task force charge, members and a detailed list of FAQs. The Task Force is providing a report and recommendations to Provost Jones in early August and welcomes input from the University community. Questions and suggestions can be directed to the Task Force through their webpage.
  • A March, 2014, reminder from Nick Jones, Provost: In accordance with Penn State Policy HR35, campaigning for or supporting the campaigns of any political candidates should not be conducted during work hours or at work-related events and cannot be conducted using any Penn State resources, including a Penn State e-mail account or databases. While it is an individual's right to support whomever he or she chooses in an election, that support should not be presented in any way as an endorsement by the University at large or any part of the University.
  • Box at Penn State is a secure, cloud-based file storage, sharing, and collaboration service that is free for all Penn State faculty, staff, and students. Using Box allows you to upload and share files/folders from any device in addition to creating project teams that can comment directly on a file. You also receive 50 GB of storage space, which is ideal for image and presentation files. Interested parties can register for IT Learning and Development sessions, which offer in-person training and online training sessions. You are also able to access the Quick Start Guide, which highlights the basics of Box at Penn State. Please contact itstraining@psu.edu if you have questions about the various training opportunities.

Academic Integrity

Benefits/Human Resources

College Committees

Computer Virus Protection

Executive Committee Meetings

First Year Seminars

Information for faculty teaching First Year Seminars.

Letterhead Template


  • Faculty/Staff: l-comm-facstaff@lists.psu.edu
  • Faculty: l-comm-faculty@lists.psu.edu
  • Staff: l-comm-staff@lists.psu.edu

Only authorized users may send mail on the lists. Please contact Tasha Smith (tce105@psu.edu) or Sherry Kyler (slk31@psu.edu) for information.

Monday Memos

The Monday Memo lists college events and announcements, as well as news about faculty, staff, students and alumni. The memo is e-mailed weekly during the academic year and every other week during the summer.

Previous Memos

Policies & Guidelines for Faculty

  • Academic Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual
    For information on academic policies and procedures such as those for attendance and final exams.
  • Awards, Honoraria
    Policy on Awards, Honoraria and Other Tokens of Appreciation for Faculty, Staff, Students, Lecturers/Speakers and other campus visitors. 
  • College's Operating Guidelines
  • Core Council letters
  • Digital Measures
    Digital Measures is the College's system for reporting faculty research, teaching, and service activities. Any questions can be directed to Elaine Files.
  • Faculty Activity Cards are submitted electronically in the State Mandated Collection System (SMCS). This can be found online in the Employee Self-Service Information Center (ESSIC). After logging on to ESSIC, faculty will see a link for the State Mandated Collection System in the navigation menu on the left of the screen. Faculty will no longer be submitting hard copies of scantron sheets to Sherry Kyler. Please submit your hours using the State Mandated Collection System by the end of the semester. Detailed instructions about SMCS can be found at here. Questions regarding the new process should be directed to Jane Agnelly or Annette Jones.
  • Faculty Handbook
  • Faculty Senate Resources Page
    Curricular information and links to university sites on issues such as Academic Integrity, assessment, first-year engagement, faculty rights and responsibilities, and more.
  • GURU (General University Reference Utility)
    University forms, policies, procedures and more.
  • Identity Finder Program: The University requires that each unit identifies, removes, and/or protects Personally Identifiable Information (PII), on all Penn State desktops, laptops, and servers and it is important that the College is in compliance. Identity Finder is a tool that automatically runs in order to locate PII, and it is the responsibility of each user to review the results. Identity Finder can also be run manually on an Apple/Mac by going to Applications and selecting "Identify Finder" or on a Windows/PC by clicking the Windows Icon, "All Programs" and then Identity Finder. Tutorials are available for Windows and for Mac systems. Please contact IT Support at 865-1233 with questions.
  • Letters of Recommendation
    FERPA states the letter may reveal information about the student's educational record ONLY IF the student has provided prior written consent. The Registrar's Office has issued a request form to better facilitate the gathering of consent.
  • Mandatory Training: Faculty and staff are required to complete an online training module on how to report suspected child abuse. Each calendar year, you will need to obtain your certification by receiving an 80% or better on the assessment at the end of the online training. Keep a copy of the Certificate of Completion for your records.You should have received an email from Skillsoft with a user name and a temporary password that enables you to access the training. If you did not receive an email, please contact the Center for Workplace Learning & Performance at learning@psu.edu or 865-8216.
  • Posters Policy: Outlines use of posters in Carnegie Building display space for College of Communications events.

PowerPoint Template

Professional Communication

The Faculty Communities is an initiative of the University Faculty Senate to promote communication within disciplines across all Penn State locations. Any Penn State faculty or staff member may access the Faculty Communities Hub.

Research Resources

  • GURU (General University Reference Utility)
  • Office of Sponsored Programs
    • Find Funding (funding searches, Faculty Research Expertise Database of Investigators at Penn State and The Milton S. Hershey School of Medicine
    • Prepare Proposals (proposal guidelines and tutorials, write a proposal, develop a budget, agency forms and guidelines)
  • Proposal Processing:
    • Contact your research coordinator, Elaine Files, with key words for your funding searches.
    • If you are interested in submitting a proposal, please send Elaine an email with a link to the Request for Proposal (RFP) once you have decided to submit.
    • Attach the Proposal Information Form with the first six areas complete (budget portion will be completed at a later time). *Note: Depending on the funder and their requirements, submission time could range from three (3) weeks to several months.
    • A scheduled, initial meeting with Elaine will help to work through the process and timeline for the proposal submission.
    • Budget information can be completed with the help of the research coordinator. Use of the budget portion of the Proposal Information Form can aid in that discussion.
  • Qualtrics -- If you are interested in gaining access to Qualtrics, login to https://pennstate.qualtrics.com with your Penn State user ID and password. Once you have created an account email Yu-Tai Chung requesting a Qualtrics Upgrade Code. If you are planning to use Qualtrics with your class, include an eLion class list in your email.
  • Rates & Schedules (per diem lookup tool, car rental rates, graduate assistants table of stipends)
  • Research Protections (human participant research, responsible conduct)
  • Scholarship and Research Integrity -- Faculty who are working with undergraduate students on research should make sure those students have completed an online training module on ethics and best practices in research. Completion of this training is required by the university. For more information: http://www.research.psu.edu/training/sari.
  • University Policy Manual (research administration policies and guidelines)

Teaching Resources

  • Accessibility
  • COMM 494 Form -- Application for Undergraduate Reasearch (Updated 2016)
  • COMM 496 & COMM 496H Forms -- Application for Independent Study (Updated 2016)
  • FAQs on the University's Attendance Policy (Updated FA 11)
  • Final Exams: See Faculty Senate Policy 44-20
  •  Financial Literacy Guide for faculty and students
  • First Year Seminars: Info about course requirements, releated activity ideas and more.
  • Handling crises in the classroom: Should faculty members encounter a troubled student in their class, the University offers various ways to help the student. If the student is not an immediate danger to self or others, you can advise the student to call CAPS, or you can call CAPS (3-0395) to get counsel from the pros about how to address the student. If you believe the student could be a danger to self or others, call University Police Services (3-1111) or 911.  Other resources include:
  • Interfaith Holiday Absences: The Center for Ethics and Religious Affairs has compiled an Interfaith Holiday Listing that specifies holy days of the major world religions. Students may request exemptions from class attendance and other University obligations. See Faculty Senate Policy 42-27.
  • Media Commons is a university-wide initiative to enrich the teaching and learning experience through multimedia technology, classroom training and direct support for students, faculty and staff. To learn more, contact Ryan Wetzel at rlw32@psu.edu or 814-867-3695. If you are interested in scheduling a classroom workshop, please complete the On Demand Workshop request form.
  • Ordering textbooks:
    • bookrequest.psu.edu(password-protected site). A form should be completed for each course you teach. (If you don't plan to use a textbook, you should still complete the form so students know.).
    • Faculty are also able to submit their textbook information online using Faculty Enlight.
    • Desk copies: Please visit facultycenter.net or notify Sherry Kyler (slk31@psu.edu).
  • Syllabus reminders and classroom-related reminders for faculty (Updated July 2014)
  • Teaching and Learning with Technology
  • Teaching with Technology certificates: Faculty members and graduate students teaching in the College of Communications can earn TWT certificates by visiting http://advising.psu.edu/epr.htm or emailing Shannon Kennan
  • Tips for encouraging students to complete their SRTEs
  • Instructors using Turnitin writing assessment service are urged to always use their PSU Access Account email address consisting of their user ID (ie: xyz123@psu.edu) and NOT their PSU email alias (ie: lastname@psu.edu) or another non-PSU account, such as Gmail. Failure to do so could affect how Turnitin grades and classes are processed. Instructors should remind their students to use their PSU access account email within Turnitin. Questions should be directed to turnitin@psu.edu.

Travel/Purchasing Info and Resources

Weather Policies & Information

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