Graduate Courses

Summer 2018 Courses

COMM 597
Special Topics: Analyzing Media Messages: Quantitative Content
Analysis in Research

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, 11:00 am – 1:00 pm
3 Carnegie Bldg.
Dr. Benjamin W. Cramer

This course will explore modern surveillance of electronic
communications by corporations and governments. This topic exploded in the
public consciousness with the Snowden revelations, but it is merely the latest
manifestation of the unexpected uses of communications technologies.
Objectives: This course will cover privacy law, government information policy,
the history of surveillance in war and peace, national security and law
enforcement, targeted advertising, big data practices, and modern data
surveillance techniques. Students will ultimately address the ethical issues that
have arisen for people, businesses, and governments in the modern world of
big data and connectivity: including how telecommunications technologies
interact with society and politics, and how different parties use those
technologies for their own ends, perhaps with unintended consequences.