Pr Museum Event

Museum of PR hosts ‘historic’ event featuring Center board members

The Museum of Public Relations has assembled eight thought leaders, including two Page Center board members, to explore one of the most significant issues facing the industry today: “Values-based decision making in a provocative environment: the consequences of ‘doing the right thing.’"

Daniela Dimitrova, Emel Ozdora-Aksak, and Colleen Connolly-Ahern

Cultural differences in how Bulgarian and Turkish newspapers cover refugee crisis

National newspapers in Bulgaria and Turkey frame the Syrian refugee crisis differently, according to Page Center-funded research recently published in American Behavioral Scientist. The study found Turkish papers were more likely to depict refugees as victims while Bulgarian newspapers offered a more distanced portrayal often through an administrative lens.

2018 Page Center Awards

Second annual Page Center Awards shine a light on authentic, ethical communicators

The Page Center honored its second class of Larry Foster Award honorees on Feb. 21 in New York City. The careers of Bill George, Gwen Ifill and John Onoda were recognized at the fundraising event, which was filled with kind words, wise advice and optimism for the future of public communications. 

Lisa Davis

Remarks from Lisa Davis, friend of Page Center Awards honoree Gwen Ifill

The late, great journalist Gwen Ifill was posthumously honored at the 2018 Arthur W. Page Center Awards. Long-time friend Lisa Davis accepted the award on Ifill's behalf, saying "Gwen was a unicorn for me and others...Collectively, her best personality traits made her one."


The 2017 Arthur W. Page Center Awards

Relive the inaugural Arthur W. Page Awards when the Center honored Alan Murray, Ann Barkelew and Dick Martin, as well as its founder Larry G. Foster.

Page Center Modules

Page Center Training Modules

The Page Center is strengthening the role of ethics education in communications classrooms. We offer 12 free online modules on a range of ethics topics in public relations.

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Legacy Scholar Grants

Support for scholars and professionals making important contributions to ethics and responsibility in public communication.