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Gary Sheffer

Q&A with advisory board member Gary Sheffer

November 7, 2017

By Sarah Vlazny, Page Center intern

Gary Sheffer is a senior corporate strategist at Weber Shandwick, where he advises on “high-level” corporate, executive reputation and engagement, government and cultural issues. Sheffer joined the Page Center advisory board last fall.

Prior to his role at Weber Shandwick, Sheffer was the head of global communications and public affairs at… More

Tom Martin

When bad things happen to good companies

January 25, 2017

By Tom Martin, former vice president of communications at ITT and FedEx, current executive-in-residence at the College of Charleston and Page Center advisory board member

It seems that barely a week goes by without another major corporate scandal capturing our collective attention. The latest headline grabber was Wells Fargo. The megabank admitted to falsely creating or applying for… More

Lewis Goldstein

Marketing VP tells students to work for ‘what you believe in’

December 3, 2015

With around 150 attendees, many of them advertising/public relations students, Lewis Goldstein’s presentation was multi-faceted. He shared his path to promoting a healthy lifestyle for a company he believes in and gave many examples (ads, videos, social media campaigns) on how he does it.

Goldstein, the vice president of branding at Organic Valley, was the Page Center’s… More

Justin Walden

What should we really expect from employees as online brand advocates?

October 28, 2015

By Justin Walden, assistant professor at North Dakota State University

In the ideal world, cultivating brand support among employees should be a straightforward process for organizations.

If you treat your employees right and help them feel engaged at work, they should be inclined to show support for your organization through their online and offline social networks.


Lucinda Austin and Yan Jin

Improving media relationships in times of organizational crisis

July 22, 2015

Our research funded by the Arthur W. Page Center for Integrity in Public Communication at Penn State suggests that public relations professionals can enhance media relationships in times of crisis through providing more complete, timely and accurate information to media professionals.

Through 40 in-depth interviews with media professionals (i.e., reporters, journalists, bloggers, etc.), we examined how these professionals… More