Marlene S. Neill and Amy Barnes

Page Center study results in book about speaking truth to power

Page Center scholars Marlene S. Neill and Amy Barnes are publishing a book based on Page-funded research they conducted over two years. Through 58 in-depth interviews with members of several public relations organizations, the scholars shed light on the issue of how to raise ethical concerns in a less confrontational manner.

Barbara Miller Gaither and Janas Sinclair,

Corporate environmental ads are more persuasive when concern is high

While messages about the environment and climate change may be increasingly prominent, they involve complex scientific and public policy issues. In a study funded by the Page Center, scholars asked how members of the general public who lack environmental expertise make sense of these messages.


Page Center providing teaching modules to bring ethics topics to classrooms

The Page Center is strengthening the role of ethics education in communications classrooms by offering 11 free online modules that cover a variety of ethical issues within the public relations industry. Topics include ethical decision-making, codes of ethics, global and digital ethics, corporate social responsibility, transparency and more.

Virginia Harrison

‘I don’t consider myself a corporate fundraiser’ and other lessons from corporate relations officers

Penn State PhD student Virginia Harrison wanted to learn how CSR relationships affect the success of their nonprofit partners. Focusing on large public universities in the United States, she interviewed 13 corporate relations officers at higher education institutions about their experiences working with corporate funders.

Chalk-drawn lightbulbs on a chalk board

Legacy Scholar Grants

Support for scholars and professionals making important contributions to ethics and responsibility in public communication.

Page Center Modules

Page Center Training Modules

The Page Center is strengthening the role of ethics education in communications classrooms. We offer 12 free online modules on a range of ethics topics in public relations.

Green forest representative of Sustainability

Sustainability Communications Initiative (SCI)

Research that highlights best practices in sustainability communication across disciplines.