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We specialize in short, documentary-style videos and branded content for the Penn State community. Our students will work with you to create videos to meet your needs, reach your audience, and exceed your expectations.

Penn State Privacy Office - Phishing

A comedic take on what to do when you receive a suspicious email.

Penn State Privacy Office - Password Protection

Play "Protect Your Password!" in this funny video about password security.

Penn State Privacy Office - Online Privacy

Make sure your online information is secure in this film noir-inspired video.

New Student Orientation - Health Services

Learn about the different health-related resources available to you as a Penn State student.

New Student Orientation - Recreation

Discover University Park's three recreation centers in this short video.

New Student Orientation - Transportation

Watch this animated video to learn more about University Park's bus system.

New Student Orientation - Career Services

New to University Park and not sure where to go for career advice? Look no further than Career Services.

New Student Orientation - Diversity Offices

Learn about the diversity offices available to students at University Park.

Commission for Women

Showcasing the Commission for Women's Mentoring Program at Penn State.

Study Away Pittsburgh - Overview

Learn what the Study Away Pittsburgh program has to offer potential students in this short video.

Study Away Pittsburgh - Why Pittsburgh?

Find out why students should consider Pittsburgh for their study away program in this short video.

Study Away Pittsburgh - Pittsburgh Life

A short commercial highlighting all that Pittsburgh has to offer Penn State students.

Millennium Scholars Program - Students

Introducing what the Millennium Scholars Program has to offer to prospective students.

Millennium Scholars Program - Donors

Highlighting the students, activities, and goals of the Millennium Scholars Program for potential donors.

Data Musik 2017

A short overview video of data visualization with music, edited by CommAgency.

The Learning Factory – Students

Introducing students to the opportunities in The Learning Factory.

The Learning Factory – Sponsors

Showcasing what The Learning Factory students can offer businesses that sponsor projects.

The Learning Factory – University

A general overview of what The Learning Factory offers Penn State.

PennTAP Overview

Learn what PennTAP can offer local businesses in Energy, IT, and Innovation.

PennTAP – Inc.U Promo

Promotional video for entrepreneurship competition around Penn State.

Penn State Learning – Overview

Informational video about the tutoring services offered at Penn State Learning.

Penn State Learning – Cost Commercial

60-second humorous commercial about why students should pick Penn State Learning.

Penn State Learning – Location Commercial

60-second humorous commercial about why students should pick Penn State Learning.

Penn State Learning – Works with Faculty Commercial

60-second humorous commercial about why students should pick Penn State Learning.

Health & Human Development – Thank You

Faculty, Staff, and Students from around Health and Human Development thank the donors that make their work and education possible.

Student Legal Services – Overview

Short video highlighting services offered by Penn State Student Legal Services.