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Through their time working at CommAgency, students have opportunities to work in any of these positions. All levels of experience and Communications majors are welcome!


In charge of scheduling all productions,keeping client up to date, and involved in filming and post-production.


Works with team to create vision for project, oversees filming, works with editor in post-production

Videographer &Audio

Works with director on creative vision, responsible for location filming and audio.


Responsible for post-production (including logging footage), works with director and producer to create final product.


Oversees CommAgency’s online presence, through our website and social media. Works on growing our agency’s brand.

Staff Photographer

Responsible for documenting stills of agency productions and our process for promotional use.

What kinds of projects will I work on?

We work with clients from around the university, typically creating promotional or recruiting videos. But no two projects are the same!

How many hours per week will I be working?

On average you’ll spend about 10 hours a week - some less and some more depending on the current phase of production and your personal role in the agency.

What are the production team roles?

While there is a point person for each role (producer, director, videographer/audio, and editor), each team member will be participating in every phase of production including creative/pre-production, filming, and editing. Also, from semester to semester and project to project your role may change, giving you opportunities to learn and grow your production skills.

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