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Student Organizations

Graduate Students in Communication (GSIC)

Graduate Students in Communication (GSIC) is an organization composed of the graduate students in the College of Communications. Three students are elected each year to serve as executive officers (president, vice president, and secretary/treasurer). The executive officers plan graduate student events, assist with administration in the College of Comm, and offer various academic and social opportunities to graduate students in the College. Responsibilities of GSIC officers include, but are not limited to: acting as liaison between the student cohort and the faculty; assisting in the general operation of student offices in the James Building; organizing social events that allow sharing and collaboration of academic pursuits; providing opportunities for academic development through training workshops; striving to assist with conference preparation and travel funding; arranging and executing community and/or university service projects; and providing assistance with the open house and incoming student orientation.

Comm GRAD (Graduate Research and Discourse) Forum (CGF)

Comm GRAD Forum (CGF) seeks to enrich the intellectual and professional lives of graduate students interested in communication studies. The organization works to create open and inclusive venues for discussing communication research and pedagogy; debating communication-related news, issues, and ideas; providing timely information about academic and professional career opportunities; and introducing useful technologies such as research software. The group plans and conducts round-table conversations, panel discussions, interactive lectures, technology workshops, scholarship showcases, and other events. Through CGF events, the group aims to foster dialogue and increase knowledge among communication students and others interested in  communication scholarship and education.