Digital Days

In an ongoing effort to prepare students for the fast-changing media environment, Digital Days brings together alumni, experts and professionals from a variety of digital media and advertising companies

Kickoff Events / Sept. 18-20, 2017

Students will learn more about the job functions, skills and requirements for opportunities at publishers, public relations firms, advertising agencies, ad technology platforms, specialty marketers, social media providers and others.

Events will take a variety of formats, from presentations to panel discussions to “fireside chats.” The simple goal is to expose students to the modern world of media, analytics and programmatic advertising in ways that will help them make connections between emerging technologies and business practices.

“Facebook: The Currency of Data”

Monday, Sept.  18, (6 p.m. Carnegie Cinema)

  • Will Post (‘05), Industry Manager, Global Marketing Solutions (Consumer Package Goods), Facebook, Chicago
  • Carlo Pitocco (‘06), Creative Agency Partner, Facebook, New York City

Discover how Facebook is leveraging data for audience insights that help brands build relationships.

“PSU + Beyond: Media Training in a Digital World” 

Tuesday, Sept. 19 (5:30 p.m. 129 Waring Building)

  • Lee Ahern, Associate Professor, Coordinator of Digital Trends and Media Analytics minor
  • Elise James-Decruise, Senior Director, Head of Global Training, New Marketing Institute

Universities and industry are being transformed by the digital revolution, and education is no different. Find out how the Bellisario College of Communication is changing the curriculum, and how New Marketing Institute is meeting industry demand for lifelong learning in the digital age. Special focus will be on the importance of industry certification options for students, during their time at Penn State and beyond.

“How AccuWeather Continues to Reinvent Itself and Its Products in the Digital Media Evolution” 

Wednesday, Sept. 20 (4:45 p.m., Carnegie Cinema)

  • Richard Frank ('94), Vice President, Creative Director, AccuWeather
  • Dallas Durant, Director, Market Research, AccuWeather

Media companies are weathering the storm of digital disruption. Find out how AccuWeather continues to innovate and adapt, developing new products and new revenue sources to thrive in an environment that has been immensely challenging, and even devastating, to many content providers.