Tanner Cooke


Tanner Cooke



Tanner Cooke is a Ph.D. candidate who hails from Southern California where he earned his bachelor's in sport studies from Cal State Fullerton. After working professionally for a number of years, Tanner returned to academia to pursue graduate education by first earning his MMC from Louisiana State University. While there, he produced a documentary project where he traveled to the Middle East and North Africa during the Arab spring to examine media portrayals versus reality.

After completing his MMC, Tanner accepted admission to Penn State where he was awarded a University Graduate Fellowship. During the course of his studies, he has developed research interests that meet at the intersection of globalization, localization, media, cultural identity, and popular culture (including sport). Tanner's research has relied on a variety of methodological approaches including ethnographic, textual and quantitative analyses. His current projects include analyses on sporting mega-events in South Africa and Brazil, as well as projects on beauty in Afghanistan, and diaspora identity in Los Angeles.

Tanner currently teaches in the Department of Film-Video and Media Studies focusing on international communication. Previously Tanner has taught large lecture introductory classes that focus on media and democracy. In the past two years Tanner has assisted on embedded study abroad programs to the Czech Republic and South Africa -- continuing his dedication to the internationalization of the curriculum. In the future, he hopes to lead his classes on study abroad trips to facilitate experiential learning and provide a direct experience