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Honor Roll

During the 2016-17 fiscal year, our alumni and friends provded more than $3 million to support the Donald P. Bellisario College of Communications and its students. The Honor Roll recognizes alumni and friends who made gifts of $100 or more during the fiscal year. 

Dean's Circle

(Greater than $2,500)

A Bright Idea
Gerald Abrams
Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication
Allstate Insurance Company
LaVonne Althouse
Altria Group Inc.
Douglas A. and Claudia Anderson
James J. and Michelle Antonelli
Stephen and Lisa Banco
Richard and Antoinette Bange
Bob Barbarowicz
Anthony Barbieri
Barnes & Noble College Booksellers Inc.
Donald P. and Vivienne Bellisario
Bradley's Steaks and Hoagies
Brownstein Group
Brunswick Group LLC
John and Anne Burns
Joseph Butcher
Suzanne Butcher
Café 210 West
Joanne Calabria
Warren Carmichael
Thomas and Gwyneth Chobot
John and Ann Curley
Philip and Joan Currie
Stanley E. and Ann H. Degler
Walt Disney Company Foundation
Joseph and Shirley Eberly
William Humphries and Helene Eckstein
Elizabeth Fetter and Donald Durbin
Fidelity Investments Charitable Fund
Florida State University Research Foundation Inc.
Ellen Miller Foster
FTI Consulting Inc.
Gagen MacDonald
John and Diana Gibb
Herman and Judith Gibb
Jay Grossman and Dorothy Daub-Grossman
Marie Hardin and Jerry Kammer
Jonathan and Joanne Harmelin
John A. Hartford Fdn.
Daniel Hartman
Matthew Hayden
Thomas and Nancy Hayden
William Randolph Hearst Foundation
Peter and Mimi Hein
Bridget Hughes
Mary Hummel
Jeffrey and Nancy Hunt
Jay Jackson
Bill and Honey Jaffe
James P. Jimirro
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Johnson & Johnson Services Inc.
Johnson & Johnson
David and Mary Lee Jones
Stevens and Diane Kasselman
Wendy Lichtenstein
Alexandra Hughes Maloney and David Maloney
Frederick and Ann Martelli
Christopher and Diane Martin
Joseph and Mary Meder
Jayne Miller
Laurence and Carole Moskowitz
Murray Overhill Pharmacy, Inc.
National Philanthropic Trust
Willard and Doris Nielsen
Thomas and Edith Ortenberg
Pennsylvania Association of Broadcasters
Barbara R. Palmer Trust
William Phillips and Robin LaSalle
Eric W. and Luisa M. Rabe
Richard and Rayna Ravitz
Bob Richards
Alan and Rungnapa Routh
Alisia Salters
Mary L. Schneider and Edward Flam
Jane Perry Shoemaker
Bette Jackson Smith
Thomas and Kirsten Verducci
Verizon Foundation
Claude Madrazo and Linda Yaccarino-Madrazo
David and Jamie Yadgaroff
Randolph and Maria Yanoshak

Dean's Associates

($1,000 to $2,499)

American Endowment Foundation
John Affleck
Aflac Foundation Inc.
Paul Allen and Julie Diamond-Allen
Murali Balaji and Devi Ramkissoon
Roger and Vera Beidler
Thomas and Paulette Berner
Roger Bolton
John and Debbie Carder
Jeanne and Kevin Chapkovich
Kenneth and Anne Simmons Chubb
John and Maureen Collins
Mimi Barash Coppersmith
Robin Deacle
Janet A. May
Dow Chemical Company
ExxonMobil Corp.
Raymond and Shirley Galant
Mark E. and Cynthia T. Galant
Blake and Linda Gall
Gilbert and Patricia Kindelan
Law Office of Robert J. Garnick
Michael and Laurie Harding
Hawthorn Group
Brian and Dale Healy
Brett and Jennifer Hersh
Jason E. Hersh
Hunstville Broadcast Corp.
Kenneth and Jennifer Irvin
Mary E. Kearney
Donald King
Kiplinger Foundation Inc.
George and Nancy Lewis
Janice and Steven Livingston
Kenneth Berkenstock and Anne Lusk
Ann Major
Robert and Marylou Martin
Thomas R. and Wanda C. Martin Charitable Fund
Kathleen M. McDowell
Norman and Mollie Miller
Daniel J. and Jeanne M. Panichelli
Richard and Stephanie Rapp
J. Ford and Mary Risley
David and Marjorie D. Rosenberg Foundation
Lorraine Ryan
Andrew and Beatrice Schultz
Ralph E. Smith and Kathleen Kirsch Smith
Stewart H. and Karen Stabley
Teneo Strategy LLC
Text 100
Travelers Foundation
Barry and Marylouise Uhlig

Communication Partners

($500 to $999)

Jane L. Agnelly
AXA Foundation
Luong Banh
Kodumudi Balaji
Lakshmi Balaji
David Schwartz and Nan Barash
Marie Bednar
Marc and Amy Brownstein
Judson Burch
John and Valvria Clark
William Clark
Conagra Brands
David and Jane Conley
Robert Cook and Teresa Villa Cook
Leonard Cooper and Wendy Cooper
Charles Curley
Stanley and Susan Ellis
Carole Feldman
Peter and Carla Flemming
Gene and JoAnn Foreman
Marc and Tracy Ginsburg
Stanley and Arlene Ginsburg
Paul and Catherine Greenland
William J. Hackett
Anne Hoag
Dexter Hutchins
Jeffrey and Kimberly S. Klein
Daniel and Kathleen Langdon
Cheryl A. Dunlap
Amy Takehara Lilly
Christopher and Lisa Lydon
Richard W. and Susan Pesansky Matthews
Robert P. Mc Kinnon
David and Jodie Morris
Annemarie Mountz
Sanford Padwe
Patrick Parsons and Susan Strohm
Fuyuan and Robyn Shen
Samuel and Kate Sidewater
Paul and Mary Tsompanas
Moss Walden and Lisa Simon
Christopher Wheeler
Benjamin and Erica Willner
Stephen Wolfson
Lyle Yablonsky

Carnegie Club

($250 to $499)

Marc and Stephanie Albero
Michael and Johanna Altland
Mark Ashenfelter
Gary Brothers
Christine Burke
Lynne Johnson Games
Clifton W. Colmon
Pamela Cook
Mark Cutkosky and Pamela Reasner
James and Elizabeth Doliber
Eliza Flanagan
Mark and Sharon Freeark
Mark and Sharon L. Freeark
Richard and Constance Grossman
Hearst Corp.
Stephen Heiser
Chad Hershberger and Sarah Voorhees
Jeffrey B. and Elizabeth M. Hershey
Frederick A. Jennerjohn and Marilyn Rinker Jennerjohn
Rebecca Jones
Robert Junas
KNBC Holdings
Steven and Doreen Lampert
Left Right Repeat
Christopher and Sabrina Liller
James R. Shire and Fern E. Margolis
Patrick and Helia Maritato
Julie A. Marusak
Abby Mayer
Larry Gohn and Deborah Meder
Kimberly Mehle
Woodene Merriman
Norman and Betsy Murray
Stephanie Podey
Michael Poorman
Pretzel City Sports
Christopher E. and Robin J. Pruitt
William and Margaret Rehill
Keith D. Reiner
Ralph and Nancy Schumack
Stacy E. Styles
Meredith Topalanchik
Gilbert and Tamsin Bloom Unangst
Patrick M. White
William H. Wunderlich and Mona Signorino Wunderlich
S. Charles Zdeb and Patrice Bradley Zdeb
Bu Zhong

Century Club

($100 to $249)

Jordan Abramson
Joseph Adamoli
Eric and Patricia Adelmann
Eric Adelmann and Patricia Alleger Adelmann
David and Erin Alderfer
AmeriGas Propane, L.P.
Amanda K. Anderle
Mark and Bernedette Andersen
Andrew L. and Lisa Willoughby Arnold
Rishav Banerjee
Karen M. Bernardo
Goodwin F. and Nancy Berquist
April Biddle
Jessica Blake
James and Amy Blew
Tiffany Brennan
Henry J. Breu
Bristol-Myers Squibb Fdn. Inc. Mat
Jack Broscious
Matthew P. Brown
Joseph P. and Cheryl L. Buchanan
Conrad H. and Candice J. Busch
Michael and Joyce Bussler
Patricia Rossin Callaghan
Kim E. Dewling
Amy Andryszak Campbell
Robert Capo
Sarah G. Carberry
John A. and Susan P. W. Caruso
Stuart H. Chamberlain
Piyali Chatterjee
Edward W. Cleary and Arita Hefferan Cleary
Mimi Coppersmith and Ken Lehrer
John and Vicki Cousley
Christopher W. Crider
Jonathan Detwiler and Judith Blackwell Detwiler
William and Sandra Kroeger Dillon
Sonya R. Di Palma
Shannon G. Donnelly
Vincent and Bridget Driscoll
Jens K. and Colleen P. Duerr
Austin H. Dunyk
Ronald and Lori G. Falcone
Dana H. Falk
Douglas B. and Donna L. Fisher
Earl Flick
Andre and Kimberly Floyd
Vito Forlenza
Brandon R. Frese
Jason Fornicola
Bradley Gallo
Joyce A. Gannon
Robert Gavazzi and Kathleen McKinney-Gavazzi
Reed and Eileen Gidez
Mila Good
Jennifer A. Gottlieb
Bridget R. Gray
Richard S. Greco
Erika K. Grossman
Bradley J. and Karen P. Gunnison
Mark and Denise Hakowski
Traci Levy
Carl W. Harris Jr. and Bonita Hamorsky
Curtis and Inez Hare
Thomas A. and Joy A. Harvey
Heather A. Heigele
Carl H. and Phyllis Hamilton Heller
Marcia Hemming
The Hershey Company
Frederick Herzog
Heyman Associates Inc.
Jeffrey C. Hills
Scott F. and Laura K. Horner
David C. Huehnergarth and Dana Reganata
Nicholas D. Hughes
Michael G. Hanusin
Anderson Isaacs
Matt Jackson
Daniel and Dara Jeck
Richard and Ann Jones
J. William Jost
Robert and Mary Joyce
N. P. Karmilowicz
Glenn N. Kaup
Taylor E. Strimple
Jacqueline Kehoe
Brenda A. Kelly
Brian P. and Stacy Toy Kweder
Jay Smink and Kristine Kienzl
Jeffrey and Maryann Klick
Michael and Janet Klinefelter
Jack and Jeanne B. Klinge
Roberta Knapp
Ronald Kolb
Peter A. Kowalski and Sandra A. Miller
Kyle Kraybill
Gerard and Lillian Kriss
Carl and Lisa Lahr
Doris Tustin Langerman
Kenneth and Jeanne Lehrer
Stuart Leon, P.C.
Robert and Brenda LeVine
Barry C. and Susan Silverberg Lewen
Donald Lewis and Michelle Borzilleri Lewis
Mark X. Lima
Alexander and Jennifer Lockridge
Loews Foundation
Vincent and Heather Loss
Madalyn Mako
Joseph Maloney
John Manna
Scott Allan Martin and Ann Rittenhouse Martin
David W. Martinson and Jodie Hough Martinson
Sean McDermott
John P. Patkus and Joanne C. McLaughlin
Martin M. and Susan J. McNeeley
Elsa F. Mekonen
Richard A. and Lois D. Meyer
Robyn S. Pearlstein
Arthur and Marjorie Miller
Daniel Mills
Thomas Minsker
Gary J. and Wendy P. Mondello
Kevin R. Musick
Jeffrey T. and Julia M. Nelson
Christopher and Mary Newkumet
Krystle M. Padilla
Patricia Panzera and Barbara Passo Pohl
Elaine Pasmore
George G. and Sara Carson Peck
James and Patricia Peck
Scott Pellis
David Pellnitz
Brenda A. Penderville
Jean Allen Petersen
Renee Petrina
Julie K. Pichora
Isaiah J. Poole
Jacqueline M. Puzo
Kevin R. Queen
Brendan and Tracey Quinn
Maureen Quinn
Alan Ramey and Mary Matlock Ramey
Betty Ramos
Patrick J. Raring
David J. Redl
Larry Reibstein and Jennifer Streicher Frey
Erika C. Reigle
Julie Rhen
Natalie M. Ricchuito
Andrew H. Richards
Charles Richardson and Kim Richardson
Debra J. Rodgers
Terrence and Karen Rooney
Robert Roselli
Neil S. Rudel
Deborah Ruth Spencer
Jennifer E. Ryan
Sabal Trust Company
Steven and Susan Sampsell
William Schumacher and Heidi Vancura Schumacher
Kevin Schwartz and Noreen Stock Schwartz
Sean R. and Nicole M. Sedam
Imix L. Shish and Farrah C. Short
James L. and Laverne Cowan Short
Dolores Simon
Stuart Slavin and Robin P. Slavin
Stephen D. Solomon
Sony Electronics Inc.
Daryl A. and Patricia E. Sporer
Kevin W. and Alyse P. Stach
Perry Stambaugh
Edwin Steel
Thomas and Donna Stewart
Sean C. and Kathryn Stickel
Christopher and Julie Stroz
Matthew J. and Carrie S. Sullivan
Scott and Susan Founds Taylor
Linda E. Thomas
Lewis and Ann Thompson
Thomson Reuters
Jonathan and Debra Thurley
Donald W. and Terrie A. Thurlow
Jacqueline M. Till
Robert and Helen Toothman
Michael and Linda Trobich
John S. Ungvarsky Jr. and Joan Konopinski Ungvarsky
Richard and Esther Van O'Linda
Alexander and Nancy Ward
Robert Wechsler
Matthew and April Wilbert
Ralph and Lou Ann Zeigler
Wendy M. Zimmerman
Krystal A. Ziv
Benjamin and Marian Zuckerman