Yen-I Lee,Xuerong Lu, Yan Jin, University of Georgia

Research in Progress: What made #MeToo go viral on social media?

#MeToo, the most impactful social movement campaign in recent memory, has spread around the world through social media. One of the key questions is what makes social movement messages, like #MeToo, go viral in the increasingly complex and competitive social media environment.

Jenny Zhengye Hou

Research in Progress: Building disaster resilience through authentic and coordinated storytelling

How can an organization give the public hope, strength and inspiration after a disaster? What can a company do so that its message is clear and people are aware of how to be prepared for and/or handle a future crisis? Page scholar Jenny Zhengye Hou is leading a study that will answer some of these questions. 

Jeff Conlin and Guolan Yang

Research in Progress: Effects of narrative video political ads on voter attitudes

When elections are approaching, a well-crafted story may hold unique abilities to sway voters. In an upcoming study, Page Center scholars Jeff Conlin and Guolan Yang will examine the cognitive-emotional-behavioral effects of narrative video political advertisements that were used by candidates to persuade voters about issue positions during midterm elections.

Fake News Research

How corporations can survive a fake news crisis

To find out why some organizations have survived false accusations while others have not, Page Center scholars Michele Ewing and Cheryl Ann Lambert sought out senior corporate communication practitioners who have successfully navigated fake news and other crises. Twenty-one practitioners offered insider perspectives that add substantially to what have thus far been news reports and case studies from outsider viewpoints.


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