Fussell Sisco

Research in Progress: Communicating social capital through the digital world

January 22, 2019

By Hilary Fussell Sisco, Quinnipiac University

As professional communicators we use social media to capture the attention of influencers, media and the public. Through this information-sharing process, we build varying levels of relationships with family or friends (micro), an entire organization (meso) or society at large (macro).

Social capital is the capacity for an organization to use its relationships to be more efficient in accomplishing its goals. As our world view expands, the digital channels we use… More

CSR with phones

After natural disasters, authenticity via mobile devices is vital for companies

January 9, 2019 • Jonathan McVerry

When a natural disaster strikes, it’s wise for companies to engage stakeholders with useful and timely information on their mobile devices. If the messages have a clear purpose, they may foster positive, authentic relationships with publics.

Two studies examined how public perceptions of companies are affected when the organizations share corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives on mobile devices. The researchers surveyed individuals in both the United States and China who were affected by a natural disaster. They found… More

Sun Young Lee

Research in Progress: Creating shared value through participatory CSR

December 19, 2018

By Sun Young Lee, University of Maryland

Increasingly, companies have been adopting corporate social responsibility (CSR) as a central part of their corporate identity. Such activities can contribute to improving communities, the environment and society at large. Traditionally, these initiatives have focused on philanthropy—donating to nonprofits and sponsoring local community programs.

Today, however, companies are actively seeking social issues that they can help resolve. The public’s expectation of companies’ social role has seemingly shifted as well. The 2018… More

Toby Hopp and Jolene Fisher

Research in Progress: The impact of transparency and how it shapes trust

December 12, 2018

By Toby Hopp and Jolene Fisher, University of Colorado at Boulder

Public trust in the key institutions of business, government, NGOs and media has reached an all-time low, according to the 2017 and 2018 publications of the Edelman Trust Barometer.

Trust, as we are now well aware, is in a state of crisis. Accordingly, organizations are looking for ways to build trust, credibility and goodwill with ever more skeptical audiences. It is within this context that an… More

Fan Yang and Holly Overton

Research in Progress: Understanding corporate rumors and the psychology of how they spread

December 4, 2018

By Fan Yang, University at Albany, and Holly Overton, University of South Carolina

Coca-Cola contains a bug-based dye, alcohol or pork?! Naked Juice smoothies have a toxic preservative, formaldehyde?! Rumors like these can circulate quickly on social media and harm corporate reputation.

Environmental responsibility has been deemed a pillar of corporate social responsibility (CSR) by companies across different industries. According to research, corporations ranging from the traditional (automobile and pharmaceutical) to the new (information technology) are striving… More

Kim Sheehan and Kati Tusinski Berg

Research in Progress: Strategies to address consumer motivations to adopt bike-sharing programs

November 20, 2018

By Kim Sheehan, University of Oregon, and Kati Tusinski Berg, Marquette University

Have you heard of bike sharing? In more than 100 large and small cities across the United States, bike sharing programs provide commuters with an easy and affordable way to pedal from one point to another by renting a bike using a credit card or an iPhone app from a conveniently placed station in their community.

With roots in Europe, bike sharing programs began in… More