Arthur W. Page Center Professional-in Residence Series

Through a generous donation from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the Arthur W. Page Center has established the Arthur W. Page Center Professional-in-Residence Lecture Series that attracts and hosts top communication professionals to the University Park campus. Professionals spend one week during a semester speaking to communication classes, meeting with faculty, delivering a keynote address, and networking with others on campus.

Spring 2018 Professional-in-Residence, Rob Britton

Since 2007, Britton has led AirLearn, a consultancy focused on aviation and travel marketing and communications, as well as helping students at business and law schools understand the airline industry. He delivered his talk "Crisis Management: Why Do Companies Keep Getting it Wrong" to an auditorium of students on Feb. 28 on the Penn State University Park campus.



Spring 2016 Professional-in-Residence, Jennifer Stapper

Jennifer Stapper is the chief of communications for the United Nations Volunteers. She spoke to more than 150 students about how to tap the immense reach of an established global brand, the power of volunteerism and how she would like people to view the U.N. 30 years from now.


Fall 2015 Professional-in-Residence, Lewis Goldstein

Lewis Goldstein is the vice president of brand marketing at Organic Valley, a large family-farm run cooperative that promotes and sells organic goods. At his lecture event, titled "Communication and sustainable consumption: building an organic food brand against all odds," Goldstein spoke to about 200 students about the challenges of promoting organic food as a form of sustainable consumption, as well as the ethics of labeling and packaging organics.

Spring 2015 Professional-in-Residence, Joel Makower

Joel Makower is chairman and executive editor of GreenBiz Group Inc., the producer of and GreenBiz Forums and VERGE conferences around the world. In his talk, "Can Companies Ever Be Credible on Sustainability?" Makower offers insight into the complex, but critical relationship between sustainability and profitability. 

Spring 2015 Professional-in-Residence, Jon Yokagawa

Jon Yokogawa serves as vice president of consumer engagement for interTrend Communications, based in Long Beach, California, a full-service advertising agency that identifies global ideas for corporate clients by leveraging Asian insights and trends. His talk is titled, "Corporate Responsibility for Diversity and Inclusion in Media/Advertising."

Fall 2014 Professional-in-Residence, Asif Kahn

Asif Khan, founder and president of the Location Based Marketing Association, is a veteran tech start-up, business-development and marketing entrepreneur with more than 15 years experience. He gave a keynote talk on “Why Location is the New Cookie.”


Spring 2014 Professional-in-Residence, Tom Forsythe

Tom Forsythe, vice president of global communications for General Mills, spoke about the “The Trust Imperative” during his visit in April 2014. Forsythe discussed how General Mills explained that its Cheerios brand of breakfast cereal would “not be made with genetically modified ingredients ” — a change the company thought consumers would embrace. He also discussed how General Mills managed the controversy that ensued when Cheerios featured a multi-cultural family in its advertising — and when General Mills took a public stand opposing a ban on same-sex marriage.

Fall 2013 Professional-in Residence, Lee Ann Head

Lee Ann Head is vice president for research and insight for the Tennessee-based Shelton Group, the nation’s leading marketing communications agency entirely focused in the sustainability and energy efficiency sectors. Her talk was titled “Leveraging Research Insights to Create Effective Sustainability Campaigns.” According to Head, when it comes to promoting “green” behavior, pure informational advertising and marketing campaigns don’t work. You have to tap into “emotional drivers” to create change.