2020 Call for Proposals

2020 scholar grants to identify effective, ethical ways to listen to stakeholders

Listening is essential to effective business and communication practice, yet it has traditionally been theorized as a function of interpersonal communication, human resources, education, or counseling.The Page Center has issued a call for research proposals that will examine organizational listening.

Jessica Myrick, Pennsylvania State University

Research in Progress: The effects of consuming science narratives via social media

Science communication scholars have caught on to the notion that stories are powerful ways to communicate and have been increasingly interested in studying the effects of narratives on audiences. However, while narratives have been shown to be more persuasive than non-narrative science messages, we don’t know how these narratives operate in the “real world.”

Lewen Wei, Penn State Ph.D. student

Research in Progress: Mitigating skeptical perceptions of green CSR initiatives in crisis situations

Environmentally-focused corporate social responsibility helps to create and maintain a favorable corporate image as it appeals to stakeholders and publics who appreciate efforts in environmental protection and sustainable operations. However, using such CSR in a corporate crisis can subject companies to undesirable suspicion.

Katie Place

Katie Place named Page Center senior research fellow, will lead 2020 research call

New senior research fellow Katie Place is leading the Page Center 2020 call for grant proposals, which will accept research ideas that examine organizational listening. New research will build strong understandings of listening across many areas of communications. Welcome, Katie!


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