Arthur W. Page

Arthur W. Page, the longtime vice president for public relations at AT&T, is often regarded as the founder of the modern practice of corporate public relations. He also was a noted educator, publisher, and adviser to several U.S. presidents.

Arthur Page and his wife Mollie hiking with two of their children

Arthur W. Page, his wife Mollie with two of their children (Walter and Mollie) on a hike, likely in Chocorua, NH or Keene, NY where the family often took extended summer vacations.

Page was the first person in a public relations position to serve as an officer and director of a major corporation and, in that capacity, was widely known for management according to the Page Principles, his guidelines for ethical and effective communication with the public and for responsible corporate behavior.

The Legacy of Public Relations Excellence Behind the Name

An essay by Edward M. Block, Senior Vice President (retired) American Telephone & Telegraph

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