The Page Center Awards Student Essay Contest is back!

February 5, 2024 • Jonathan McVerry

Essay Contest is Open - April 3

Since the annual Page Center Awards went virtual, its distinguished honorees have educated and inspired thousands of students around the world with encouraging words about the power of integrity and responsible communication. Once again, the Page Center hopes to hear what students think about the awards, the honorees and the current state of public communication in its annual awards essay contest.

The Page Center Awards Essay Contest is asking undergraduate students who watch the event, which debuts on March 25 (4 p.m. ET), to reflect on the awards experience. Students can share their thoughts in a 300-word essay about one of the 2024 honorees and enter it into the contest.

Each honoree participates in the event and shares insights on ethics, integrity, truth-telling and other qualities and principles that their stellar careers are built on. Page Center leaders will choose three essays (one on each honoree) that best capture the spirit of the event and the integrity of the honoree.

Winning essays will focus on the stories, advice and thoughts the honoree shared during their segment. They will also connect the words to the honoree's career, as well as the integrity and achievements being honored. Finally, what are the student’s thoughts? How can the honorees’ words be applied to media today and to students entering the public communications industry.

Winning essayists will receive a $250 prize. The essays will be posted on the Page Center blog and shared on its social media accounts. The honoree featured in the essay will also receive a copy. Students must register for the Page Center Awards to be eligible. It’s free and open to all.

Visit the essay contest page for full rules and guidelines.

The essay contest is one many activities to get communications classes involved with the Page
Center Awards. Registrants will receive a link to the view page prior to the event.

Contact Jonathan McVerry at with any questions about the contest.

About the Award

The Page Center Awards is an annual event that started as a dinner in New York City in 2017. It went virtual in 2021, which opened the door for a large global audience (particularly students) to experience the insights of the event's "icons of integrity," communicators who have built careers on principles of truth-telling and responsible communication. Honorees receive a Larry Foster Award for Integrity in Public Communication. Larry Foster, the namesake of the award, founded the Page Center in 2004. Visit the awards page for information about past events and honorees.