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Roger Bolton

Part 3: Q&A with Center board member Roger Bolton

May 4, 2018

Page Center intern Sarah Vlazny interviewed Arthur W. Page Society president and former Aetna senior vice president of communications Roger Bolton. This installment is the third of three blog posts covering Vlazny's discussion with Bolton, who is also a member of the Page Center advisory board. In the the current post, Bolton talks about authentic campaigns and aligning philanthropic strategies… More


When planning CSR, engagement gets employees on board

September 5, 2017

When companies begin planning corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategies, executives will want to get their stakeholders involved from the beginning, according to a recently published Page-funded study.

Published online this month in Public Relations Review, the study asked communication, CSR and sustainability managers from major U.S. companies how they viewed their company’s CSR initiatives and what, if… More


Controversy level a significant factor in corporate social advocacy messaging

January 11, 2016

Companies share their advocacy activities in many ways. Two common methods are through strategic public relations (editorials) and paid advertising (magazine ads). In a world where the public is inundated with messages from all over, two researchers aimed to find which method was more effective in sharing a company’s advocacy efforts.

What they found was that message success… More

Kelly Page Werder and Diana Ingenhoff

Social responsibility to social advocacy: A multicultural analysis of CSR communication effects

September 23, 2015

By Kelly Page Werder, associate professor at the University of South Florida, and  Diana Ingenhoff, professor at the University of Fribourg in Switzerland

Organizations are increasingly taking a public stance on social issues. Whether voluntarily or by force, planned or by accident, business is moving beyond classic bottom-line driven corporate social responsibility (CSR) to social advocacy that promotes… More

Researchers Lan Ni (left) and Qi Wang

Ethical Community Stakeholder Engagement in the Global Environment: Strategies and Assessment

July 6, 2015

Although it sometimes has been claimed to be too ideal, symmetrical and ethical communication appears to be the most critical among all engagement strategies examined in increasing the effectiveness of community stakeholder engagement for both stakeholders and organizations. We made this statement as two authors, Dr. Lan Ni and Dr. Qi Wang, presented our research on community ethical stakeholder… More