Ad/PR Network

Ad/PR Network Board

The Ad/PR Network Board draws talented members who enjoy sharing their time with students and other alumni, and who are clearly experts in many fields. As part of an effort to support faculty members in the Donald P. Bellisario College of Communications, the Alumni Board has created a booklet compiling their expertise in one place. Alumni Expertise

  • Joe Berwanger
    1970, Broadcasting // Owner/President, Innovations Marketing Group; Executive Vice President, ContentWISE; Partner, B&C Holdings
  • Lauren Connolly
    1997, English // Executive Vice President and Executive Creative Director, BBDO New York
  • Lauren Dempsey
    2020, Advertising/Public Relations // Student Representative
  • Kathy Heasley
    1983, Advertising // Founder & President, HEASLEY&PARTNERS Inc.
  • Steve Lampert
    1974, Journalism // Adviser, Lampert Public Affairs LLC
  • Melissa Maisel
    2020, Advertising/Public Relations // Student Representative
  • Monica Miller
    1990, Mass Communications // Sr. Director, Analytics, Autotrader/CoxAutomotive
  • Amanda Oey
    2007, Advertising and International Politics // Vice President, HL Group
  • Lauren Raisl
    2003, Advertising // CEO, Purple Ocean Ventures
  • Richard Rapp
    1979, Advertising // President, Altamira
  • Tom Resau
    1999, Advertising/Public Relations // Senior Vice President, W2 Communications
  • Suzanne Schulner
    2008, Advertising/Public Relations // Account Executive, getTV at Game Show Network
  • Jeremy Smith
    2009, Advertising/Public Relations // Vice President, Growth Partner, Reprise
  • Rachel Steinberg
    2014, Advertising/Public Relations and Sociology // Manager, Global Partnership Strategy, Brooklyn Nets
  • Kathy Swidwa
    2013, Journalism // Communications Strategist, Penn State College of the Liberal Arts
  • Brenna Thorpe
    2012, Advertising/Public Relations, and Communications Arts and Sciences // Associate, Booz Allen Hamilton