Sustainability Communications


The Arthur W. Page Center for Integrity in Public Communication, a research unit of Penn State’s College of Communications, is the home for the Sustainability Communications Initiative (SCI). Grant funding for the initiative comes from the Sustainability Institute at Penn State. Funding for the Initiative was secured by Denise Bortree (Director) and Lee Ahern (Senior Research Fellow), and Ahern will lead the project.

Research at the SCI analyzes public communication on sustainability topics with a goal of offering researched-based insights into best practices in sustainability communication across disciplines, including nonprofit, education, government, and for-profit. The most significant challenges in sustainability communication today are 1) educating audiences, 2) convincing audiences of the importance of sustainability as a practice, and 3) motivating behaviors of individuals, organizations, and policy makers.

The Initiative conducts and funds sustainability communication research projects, the results of which are publicly available to nonprofit organizations, corporations, and government entities. The goal of SCI’s projects will be to provide communications practitioners with information to help them be more effective in their sustainability communication. The Page Center 2015 Call for Grant Proposals will be partially funded by the Initiative.